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Telephone Answering Service, UK

Welcome to the home of the ultimate, INTELLIGENT telephone answering service.

If your customers get the engaged tone they wont be impressed (and will ring your competition); and if they get NO ANSWER at all they wont ever believe you are serious about your business or, even worse, your customers. Voicemail and Answerphones have their place but truthfully, nothing compares to a live phone answering service with a REAL PERSON answering the phone with a smile in their voice!

This is also perfect to use as a disaster recovery plan. If you have a disaster in your office ie, flood, fire etc and you phone lines are wiped out, where will the call go....  The answer no where if you don't have a business phone answering service in place. 

You will always have your own team of highly trained Receptionists answering your calls with a professionalism that will absolutely delight you and your callers. We do not use scripts. Your Receptionists will be fully briefed about you and your company. They will study your website, read your literature and liaise and work with you on a daily basis; just as if they were sat in your office premises!

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Disaster Recovery

We can provide any business with a telephone based disaster recovery plan which can be initiated in an instant.

For example, if you are a Lexcel standard solicitor's practice then you will need a disaster recovery plan in place in order to maintain your Standard.

This is a completely seamless operation for your company and your callers. Please click here to receive further information or request a call-back.

Every company that we work with has its own precise needs and challenges, important internal issues and customer expectations to fulfill. Please call or Contact us and we will be very pleased to address any questions you may have regarding any of our services.

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