Here are just some of the questions we are asked. Please do call or drop us an email if we have not covered your particular query.

Why should I sign up for the Yours Virtually Service?

It is a proven fact that when a customer calls and reaches an answer machine, 80% of callers DON'T call back. Yours Virtually ensure that all of your calls are answered professionally, transferred efficiently and messages dealt with accordingly. Yours Virtually have a very large client base and have been working with large, professional services for a number of years. Our aim is to be a valuable member of your team answering every call with a smile in our voice, ensuring that we make the most of every call and help to reduce your costs.

How does Yours Virtually work?

We give you a unique number to divert your calls to us, as and when you wish. Your calls will be answered in your company name and in the style you request. Your dedicated Receptionists will know that the call is for your company and the relevant details will be displayed on the screen. The screen will display important information about your company on a day to day basis which puts Yours Virtually in your office.. It's this information, alongside our exceptional customer service skills, that allow our Receptionists to work so efficiently and become an integral part of your team.

How will Yours Virtually get to know me and my business?

When you sign up for our service, your dedicated Receptionist will enter all of your key details into our system, including a full staff list, email addresses, mobile numbers, directions to your premises and opening times. Moving forward your diary movements will also be logged on a daily basis. Once the account is up and running your Receptionist will be in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of your account.

What happens if my Receptionists are unable to answer one of my calls?

99% of your calls will be answered by your dedicated Receptionists. If, for what ever reason your Receptionist is busy then the call will be passed on to the next available member of her team who will have all the details to hand to enable them to deal with your call effectively.

What service levels do you offer?

Yours Virtually is an extension of your business and we offer different packages to suit your business needs. We can answer the calls during normal working hours (8.00am - 6.00pm) and 9.00am - 4.00pm Saturdays

What happens outside these hours?

After these hours all calls will be diverted to your own personal voicemail box. On the next working day your Receptionist will access the messages, extract any relevant information from them, and forward that on to you via your preferred method.

How do I divert my existing number to Yours Virtually?

We will provide you with all the information you need, or one of our dedicated engineers will contact your telecoms company and arrange for the transfer to be implemented. The choice is yours from this point on whether you want to divert all your calls to us, divert the calls only when you are busy or just when your office phone is engaged. This is completely flexible and you are in complete control.

How do I get my messages?

We will extract the relevant information from the call and send it to you via your preferred method. This could be sms, email or both and we can even transfer the call to you at no extra cost. We also encourages our customers to view their messages online via our website. This can be very useful if you want to retrieve some information from a call several months ago. All that is needed is a username and password that you supply and all the information is there at your fingertips for the previous 6 months.

How much do I pay per month?

It depends on which service you use. Our Charging Plans are designed for businesses with 1 employee right through to 1000 employees. We can calculate the right Plan for you based on the number of calls you are likely to expect to receive per month, again this is not set in stone and can be adapted on a monthly basis.

How do I pay for my calls?

All of our clients pay for the service by Standing Order month in advance.

How easy is it to change my plan?

As mentioned above, we will place you on the Plan that you request for the first month or so. After that period we will assess the situation and, if need be, either lower or raise you Call Plan to suit.

How long does it take before you start answering my calls?

In most cases we can be running within 24 hours of you signing the order, however this depends on the complexity of your company phone system and whether you require any non geographical numbers etc.

Do you offer a Free Trail before I sign up?

YES. Just call us on 0800 2800 285 and we will be happy to accommodate you. Please note we can not offer the Free Trial as holiday cover.