Hassle Free Telephones, VOIP

Otherwise known as Hosted telephony!

What that means is: you no longer need to purchase your own traditional telephone system. You use ours instead!

Whether you are a large or small business, our Hosted Telephony Service is a real cost effective alternative offering:

  • Complete flexibility regarding number of handsets and features
  • The ability to work from the office and/or home
  • No long term Contracts
  • No costly engineering work or upgrades
  • Personal voicemail facility
  • Music on hold

If you have ever been involved with managing an office phone system of a reasonable size you will know that you often have to negotiate with a number of different suppliers. These can include BT, who supply the lines. Another company may bill you for the phone calls, and then you'll have the company that has supplied your phone system and maintains it for you under a Contract of some kind. There may be additional challenges if the equipment has been supplied to you on a Leasing Agreement, as you may find you have been committed to something for up to 7 years.

If, in addition to everything we have said so far, you are working for a company that is expanding you will have had to grasp a basic understanding of ISDN channels, telephone slots and the cards that fit into them.

Quite often a company finds that the phone system they have bought is not flexible enough to move with any changing circumstances.

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